360cities.net is a virtual reality network with panoramas from all around the world. They bring us fantastic depictions of the world's beauty and human creativity.

They also happen to take advantage of almost every Geo API that we have! We were fortunate enough to have them at Google I/O last week, so we could sit with them and discuss how they do what they do.

To cut to the chase, you can watch the entire set of interviews and demos in one go, or you can jump around using the playlist custom viewer below. I happen to be a huge fan of their use of the new Flash API as they "flip things inside out":

We talked about a really varied set of topics. Not only did we discuss their usage of the APIs, but we got into how they manage to deal with these huge images, how they stitch them together, and how they even manage to get so many of them.

You will see the process, how their data center started in a closet in Boston, how Lurch from the Adams family is one of their photographers, and the importance of the BBC Model B.

Thanks so much to Jeffrey and David Martin for joining us. A real pleasure.