Sometimes, we fulfill feature requests that we never realized we had, and then wonder why it took us so long to discover that hidden desire in our heart. GMapOptions.backgroundColor, introduced in 2.119, is one of those features. It's never been asked for and it's a trivial code change, but it's damn nifty. By setting it, you can change the background color of the tiles that appears before tiles load, and on the north/south edges of the world at the low zoom levels. You can use it to make your map blend into the rest of the page, make your tiles blend in better when loading, or just to be obnoxious (hot pink tiles, anyone?).

The example below shows setting both the backgroundColor of the map and the page to our beautiful ocean blue. If that piques your interest, check out this demo that lets you try out any color with any of our default map types (like #000000 with G_SKY_MAP_TYPES).