Back when we announced the "Google Maps API for Flash" in May, there were a large amount of Flash CS3 developers who were miffed at our lack of support for using the API in their favorite program, and quickly made "Flash CS3 Support" the second most starred feature request -- and there was even one developer named Vincent who managed to get our SWC running in CS3 who quickly became a one-man support desk for his hack. Well, Vincent, it's time to take a vacation, and CS3 Developers, it's time to get to work. The 1.7 SWC can now officially be used as a Flash CS3 Component, and the documentation now includes a snazzy screenshot-filled tutorial about creating your first map in Flash CS3.

To show that off, I made the kind of demo that one can only truly be done in Flash - a Google-ified re-envisionment of a scene from my all-time favorite movie, Puff the Magic Dragon. Click the screenshot to check it out.

Warning: Watch this scene (5:20) first if you've never seen the movie, or you'll think I'm a bit crazy. I mean, you might think so anyway. But still.

Now — before Flex developers think that we've forgotten about them — I've got more news. The 1.7 SDK now includes a special SWC for Flex developers, and the documentation includes tutorials for creating your first Map with this SWC in both Flex SDK and Flex Builder. Using this SWC means that you can set up the map as a custom Flex component, and then use any Flex components on the map in controls, info windows, markers, etc (something that was previously not possible). To show that off, I made a demo that embeds a TabNavigator inside an info window to make tabbed info windows. Click the screenshot to check it out.

And there are a few extra features for everyone, like TileLayerOverlay, ScaleControl, Geodesic Polylines, Walking Directions. Check out the demo gallery for examples of those, and read the docs for more information. Enjoy 1.7, and let us know in the forum how you're using the API or if you have questions.