Last Friday in the Madrid Google Office, a group of 22 outside developers, and 4 Googlers, met to discuss current projects, and to give feedback to Google about Google Geo APIs. There were too many presentations to list all of them here, but here are some highlights:
  • Developers from ipoki, Wolpy, and Wikiloc talked about the different ways they implement GPS track uploads and sharing of geo content.
  • Javier de la Torre presented about using heatmaps to display biodiversity data.
  • A developer from Paintmap presented about their site, which allows artists to sell paintings that are contextually placed by their their subject matter. They also use the Panoramio API to allow you to compare thumbnails of the paintings with photos taken at those locations.
  • A developer from Placechannel talked about his site's use of geolocated YouTube videos, and allowing users to make edits to the locations, stored only on their site.
  • Googlers presented about the improvements to Panoramio's performance, the new Spanish language Google Maps API Documentation, and the Earth API.
We got a lot of great suggestions for various APIs at Google, including all the Geo APIs, but also the YouTube API and SketchUp. We had so much fun that we went over by two hours, but no one seemed to mind. Gracias desarrolladores de España, es un gran día!