The Geo and the Google Web Toolkit teams are pleased to announce the public release of the Maps API library for Google Web Toolkit. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) provides a framework for writing web applications using the Java language. The Maps API library for GWT provides Java classes which are designed to provide a familiar paradigm for Java users to access the Google Maps JavaScript API.

 // Open a map centered on the equator/prime meridian
 map = new MapWidget(LatLng.newInstance(0, 0), 2);
 map.setSize("100%", "100%");

 // Add some controls
 map.addControl(new SmallMapControl());
 map.addControl(new SearchControl());

The GWT compiler translates your Java code into JavaScript for deployment to end users. No Java runtime is needed in the browser.

Using the library, you can freely mix Maps into a GWT application, or you can add GWT Widgets in with Map constructs, like Controls and InfoWindows. The demo below combines the DecoratorPanel, StackPanel, and SuggestBox widgets with a Map widget that uses Markers, Directions, Geocoding, and Geodesic Polylines.

There is online documentation, samples, tutorials, and a support forum.

The library has been released previously in milestone and release candidate forms, and it supports most Maps features up to version 2.113. We would like to thank the hundreds of developers that have tried the library and provided feedback.