Recently, we released three new resources for KML and the Google Earth API:

  • Roman Nurik released a new article summarizing the use of KML in the Earth API.
  • Roman also released a embedded KML gadget for embedding a KML file into your web page or into your iGoogle.
  • We released libkml version 0.6. New in 0.6 is:
    • KmlStream streamed parsing, which allows you to parse through very large KML files
    • Support for KML's <Update> element
    • KmlFile now allows DOM import, which allows you to import one DOM into an existing KmlFile DOM
    And a number of other features. Check out the release section for the full list of new features.
  • I released a new article on Converting Geotagged Photos to KML PhotoOverlays. So get out those GPS-enabled phones and get to work!