With the recent announcement of Google Code Labs, we wanted to update you on what's happening with the Maps and Earth APIs. We're excited to tell you that none of the Maps APIs (JavaScript, Flash, Static, Mapplets) or the Earth API are in labs. Furthermore, we've taken the opportunity to remove the 'beta' label from the Maps and Earth APIs. The original Maps API has been around for more than three years. Thanks to the hard work of dozens of people, the APIs have been very stable and become mature products that are used by sites and applications of all sizes. Our stability and commitment to supporting the APIs shouldn't be a big surprise for most of you, but now you've got it in writing too. :)

While the overall APIs are not in labs, there is one recent feature that is still experimental: AIR support in the Maps API for Flash. From time to time, as we release new features that are more of an experimental nature, we may let them bake in labs for some time. As with Google Labs and Google Code Labs, we'd like to get early feedback and see how you use these experimental features before making a long term commitment to them.

As always, please continue sending your feedback in the appropriate forum:

We've also set up "notify" groups that you can sign up for if you just want to see the important updates, e.g. new releases. You can sign up from the home page of each API or use the links below: