The JavaScript API utility library has been growing fast in the last 3 months, with nearly double the number of libraries now being worked on in the development project. We can always use more libraries or help prepping the current libraries for release (code reviews, documentation, examples) - if you're interested, email the group to introduce yourself and let us know how you'd like to help. In the meantime, check out the most recent releases:

TabbedMaxContent 1.0: This library provides a max info window UI that's similar to the info window UI for local business results on Google Maps, and works in conjunction with the API's maxContent option. This comes courtesy of Nianwei, a developer who's also working on two upcoming libraries for a lightweight keyboard-triggered drag-to-zoom and an ArcGIS connection layer. Check out the examples or reference.
PopUpMarker 1.0: This library displays a "popup" (mini infowindow) to the side of a marker. The popup can either embed HTML, or it can use the Google Charts API to show text and icons in custom color schemes. This comes courtesy of Masashi, a Maps API expert from Japan with a plethora of tutorials and examples (all in Japanese, of course). Check out the examples or reference.
ExtLargeMapControl 1.1: This library creates a control that mimics the functionality and UI of GLargeMapControl3D, the current control on Google Maps, without the Street View integration. Developers can easily re-skin this control to match their own site, and use it in combination with a re-skinned ExtMapTypeControl for a full custom navigational UI. This also comes courtesy of Masashi, with help from Bjorn, author of SnapToRoute and ProgressBarControl. Check out the examples or reference.