Developer Qualification

Last week at Google I/O we released the Google Maps API (JavaScript version) addition to the Developer Qualification program. Designed for professionals who currently develop or want to develop applications based on Google and Google-sponsored Open Source APIs, the Google Qualified Developer program will help promote developers to the Google community, provide credibility, and leverage the wisdom of the masses in rating and recognizing best in class developers. In this program, we assess developers in four areas, each of which provides a score towards an overall total required for qualification. Developers must maintain a minimum number of points to remain qualified within the program. Points are awarded for examples of development work, community participation, professional references, and scores on examinations.

With the addition of the Google Maps API to the available qualifications, the program landing pages and registration have been moved to the Google Code site at The new landing pages provide information on the program and available APIs, details about qualification requirements, answers to frequently asked questions, and an opportunity to apply as a candidate in the qualification program.

We've also recently partnered with 3rd party training vendors who can help you get ready to qualify. The Developer Qualification program provides a mechanism by which Google can evaluate and promote the best developers in the community, but does not provide training in preparation for qualification. With the success of the program there exists a business opportunity for 3rd party training vendors to develop and deliver this training. In order to stimulate the growth of this ecosystem, several vendors have been identified and are working closely with Google to develop initial training efforts for the Google Maps API qualification.

To read more about the program, take a look at our site. We look forward to expanding our API support and growing the Developer Qualification program. Please reach out to us with questions and feedback at