When we launched the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 last year our goal was to develop a framework in which we could deliver compelling and innovative features to our developers that cater to the new breed of location-aware mobile internet devices.

As we look ahead it is clear that HTML 5 offers us the platform we need to deliver on this vision. However as we develop features that exploit the potential of HTML5 it will not be possible to maintain our current level of support for older web browsers. For this reason we will be updating the list of supported browsers for the Maps API v3 on a regular basis. We are applying our first update today by removing Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6, and Safari 3, while adding support for the Android browser and for Chrome on Mac and Linux.

We understand that many users work in environments in which they are not in control of the browser they must use. We will therefore do our best to ensure that users of browsers that we no longer support continue to have a good experience with Maps API v3 applications. If we develop a new feature that can be easily implemented in a manner compatible with these browsers we will do so, and we will continue to accept bug reports relating to them. We will also attempt to ensure that any features we launch in future that are not compatible with these browsers degrade gracefully for affected users.

The browsers that we no longer support for the Maps API v3 will continue to be supported for the Google Maps JavaScript API v2. We have no plans to change the list of supported browsers for the Maps API v2, and consequently if support for these browsers is important to you we recommend that you continue to develop your applications using the Maps API v2.

If however you are planning a new Maps API application or need to update an existing Maps API v2 application to offer improved support for mobile devices, we encourage you to consider using the Maps API v3. We are excited by the opportunities that HTML5 offers us and hope that you will enjoy using the Maps API v3 to develop the next generation of powerful and immersive Maps API applications.