You may recall that in October of last year we updated the map data for the United States and added a "Report a Problem" link to maps that allows users and developers to notify us of corrections that are needed. Today we are happy to extend these updates and the "Report a Problem" link to Google Maps in Canada.

These map updates offer improvements to geocoding of postal codes and street addresses, new building outlines, more detailed geographical features such as water bodies, and improved labelling of features such as Universities and Highway exits.

Maps API applications will benefit from this update automatically. Consequently if you have cached any addresses or latlngs for Canada obtained using the Geocoder Web Service before these updates we ask that you refresh this data by re-geocoding as soon as possible, and that you continue to refresh regularly to benefit from the corrections generated by the "Report a Problem" feature.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this update could affect your Maps API application, please post to the relevant Google Group:

We're excited to be offering these updates, and to provide an easy mechanism by which developers and users can now participate in improving our maps of Canada.