Six months ago, we released a bevy of new articles to help with your coding through the dark winter months. OK, they were not so dark South of the equator, but here in Mountain View, well, it rained a few times. Anyway, now that it’s winter South of the equator, and for all of you developers in the North who can’t go out in the sun, we have released your summer reading list. These articles are hot off the digital presses, so enjoy them while they’re fresh.

Fun with MVC Objects

This article presents a basic introduction to using MVC objects within V3. You will learn how to use the Maps Javascript API V3 MVC framework to create objects that automatically respond to state changes. You will build a resizable distance widget and by the end, you'll have a greater understanding on what MVC objects are, how to use them, and why they're just so "awesome".

Geocoding Strategies

Ever wondered whether you should use client-side or server-side geocoding? Actually, if you haven’t, you should and this article is for you. In it, you’ll learn why client-side geocoding is so cool, and when and even if you should ever use server-side geocoding.

Using Google Sites to Host Your KML

A couple of years ago, we released an article on hosting KML on Google Pages. Well, Pages is no more, and has become Google Sites. This is an article for a beginning developer who just wants to put their KML up on the web.

External Article: Google Maps API v3: Developing for Mobile Devices

Chad Killingsworth, who presented with me at Google I/O in our Map once, map anywhere session, has a great article up summarizing some of the lessons he has learned about developing Google Maps API applications for V3. We added a link to his article on our articles page for the Google Maps API.

So enjoy your summer reading! We’re doing our best to prevent your sun burn.