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Inspired by Scott Knaster over on the Google Code Blog, I’m starting a new tradition of Fab Friday on the Google Geo Developers Blog. On most Fridays I’m going to post about something cool going on in the world of Google Maps. Nothing formal! So please don’t wear a tie to read my posts.

I’ve got a couple of fun things today. The first one comes from a member of my team, Chris Broadfoot, who put together this great screencast on working with the Styled Maps feature of the Google Maps API:

I also found a cool map you might like. The Domesday Book was the result of a survey in England commissioned by William the Conquerer and completed in 1086. It was a survey of all the landholdings in most of England and parts of Wales. Open Domesday maps this survey. And it also has an API in case you want to play with the data yourself.

Domesday Map Image

I originally found it on Google Maps Mania. I also find cool maps on a variety of sites, including Mapperz and the Google Earth Blog.