It’s Fab Friday again! This is getting fun, I like doing this. This week’s theme is Street View. First up, Andres Ferrate from Maps Developer Relations (or MDR as some of us are calling it these days) produced this screencast on incorporating Street View and Custom Panoramas into your app. Check it out:

Next up, we have Historypin. Historypin is a site that lets you upload and view historic photos in Google Maps. Better, you can actually view them on top of current Street View imagery. Here’s a screenshot from Florence, Italy:

Finally, there’s the fabulous fan site that uses the Google Maps API Custom Street View Panorama API to render Liberty City entirely in Street View. Let me be clear, not the Liberty City of Florida, but the fictitious city in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. Lots of fan hours went into doing screen capture, let me tell you.