[As a new feature of the Geo Developers Blog, we’ll be featuring one great Google Maps API site a week as part of our new “Map of the Week” series.]

Map of the Week: TheReelBox
Why we like it: A really great way to see a list of movies near you, the trailers, and showtimes. Also, a really nice use of the Google Directions API.

TheReelBox is a project from developer Peter Reinhardt and is a great way to find out what’s playing nearby and how to get there.

After determining your location, on the left hand side of the site, TheReelBox makes a list of the movies playing near you and the times they are showing. TheReelBox also has sourced movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and showtimes from Fandango (another great Google Maps API site).

When you choose a movie, TheReelBox displays a trailer from YouTube as well as driving directions to the nearest theater. The showtimes are linked to nearby movie theaters, which is where you are routed to from your ip-determined location. As you scroll through movie times from different theaters, it’s fun to see how quickly driving directions are populated via the Google Directions API.