Map of the Week: The Civic Crowd
Why we like it: A unique way of using Google Maps to initiate positive community action, this map is a great way to discover, share, propose, and appreciate citizen powered change.

The Civic Crowd uses Google Maps to organize a wide range of civic projects and make them easy to discover or create. The special aspect of The Civic Crowd is that it gives the user a variety of ways to interact with projects of interests. Rather than just offering a binary exchange, finding or adding projects, there are five steps a user can take: 1. Share, 2. Discuss, 3. Offer, 4. Appreciate, 5. Propose, or 6. Volunteer. In essence, this is creates a social change marketplace that breaks down barriers to engagement.

By using a map to organize citizen action, The Civic Crowd helps people become more aware and connected to action needed in their communities. If you have an idea or a project that you would like to people to get involved with or simply would like start a discussion about, the submission flow is easy and well designed. After logging in, users just need to answer a few questions and geotag their idea.

While The Civic Crowd is mainly available in the U.K. at the moment, this site has the potential to be used globally.