Author PhotoWe’ve had two different Google Maps API office hours events since I last posted here. Last week week, Marcelo Camelo and Paul Saxman hosted office hours focused on the Google Places API:

Then this week, Chris Broadfoot and Luke Mahe hosted a no-holds-barred, ask questions about anything office hours, Sydney style:

But why is Fab Friday happy this week? Because we ran across mappiness, which maps where people have reported being happy on Twitter in the last week. Why we’re happy is that they’ve developed a creative solution to the too-many-markers problem. People often use clustering to solve that problem, particularly using the MarkerClusterer library of the Google Maps API Utility Library. Instead, mappiness has developed a spider-like visualization similar to what Google Earth uses.

They’ve open sourced the library, so if you want to use that same visualization, you can.

Posted by Mano Marks, Google Maps Developer Relations Team