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It’s Friday again, and on Maps DevRel we’re feeling good. Geo for Good in fact! Today marks the last day of the Geo for Good User Summit hosted by the Google Earth Outreach team. Paul Saxman and I gave a couple of talks there. Frankly, I’m humbled by the quality of projects that were demonstrated there and by the dedication of the participants. If you want to find out more about what happened at the summit and some of the projects that came out of it, join Raleigh Seamster and I for the next Maps Developer Live event on Tuesday at 10am.

Speaking of Maps Developer Live events, on Wednesday Luke Mahe and Justin Chu talked about the current and future state of the Google Places API. Here’s the video

And lastly, over on the Google Data Arts Team, there’s a cool new Chrome Experiment, Cloud Globe that uses WebGL to animate two years of weather patterns over the surface of the Earth. The 3D globe is rendered entirely in the browser. It’s a cool demonstration of what modern browsers can accomplish.

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team