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Welcome to another edition of the Fab Friday Post. Today we have a quick update on our Google Developers Live events. Our latest video is up, Experiments in Big Data Visualization. Brendan Kenny and I took a look at using the CanvasLayer Utility Library [link] to visualize shapefiles and KML in the browser. We talked about some of the challenges of using binary XmlHTTPRequests and trying to do polygon triangulation in JavaScript. Take a look:

In particular, we talked about two open source JavaScript libraries we used:

JSTS, a JavaScript port of the Java Topology Suite


shp.js for parsing .shp files.

It’s a fun experiment and we hope to launch it soon.

Coming up next Tuesday, we have Pete Giencke and Ka-Ping Lee discussing how they build Google Crisis Response maps like the one used for Hurricane Isaac. Should be a really interesting session.

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team