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Happy Friday everyone!

Once again, we have a fabulous video to share from Google Developers Live. On Tuesday, Pete Giencke and Ka-Ping Yee from the Google Crisis Response Team stopped by to talk to  Paul Saxman about how they implement crisis maps using the Google Maps API. Check out the video here:

You may have heard that NASA began flying the Space Shuttle Endeavor across the country on September 19th. By now it should have landed at LAX. If you want more info on it’s flight, here’s a handy YouTube video of a Google Earth Tour highlighting points along the route. I may have helped out in a small way :-).

Next week’s Maps Developers Live will be Wednesday, September 26th at 4pm Sydney time.
The Google Places API, Present and Future
Luke Mahe talks with the Justin Chu, the Google Places API product lead, about two new features of the API.  Tune in to hear about these features from their source, and get a glimpse into where the API is headed.

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team