Map of the Week: Vote Night
Why we like it: Vote Night shows current projected outcomes for the 2012 US Presidential Election, on a state-by-state basis. The site allows you to make predictions about the outcome of the election by changing the projected results in a given state to see how that would alter the outcome. You can also view historic elections going back to 1932.

The site uses Styled Maps to mute the map background, providing the context of the map but highlighting its own data. The individual states and the District of Columbia are rendered as clickable Polygons, allowing you to change their color (red for Republican, blue for Democrat, gray for undecided). This makes for an easy interface to interact with the map to change the data. There’s also a drop down list you can select from.

You can embed your prediction into your blog or website, or share it via social media.

The site also restricts the zoom levels you can view on the map, so that you don’t get too far away or too close and lose track of what they are looking at. All around a great user experience packed into a deceptively simple package.