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Happy Friday! As the US moves to Fall, which my Sydney friends tell me should really be Autumn, but in Sydney is Spring, my thoughts naturally turn to videos. That’s right, it’s another video from Maps Developer Live. This week, I had a guest, Raleigh Seamster from the Google Earth Outreach team, who joined me to talk about the Geo for Good User Summit. Check out the video here:

Next week, Chris Broadfoot and Luke Mahe will join Paul Saxman to talk about how they made the More than a Map site happen. Tune in to take a peek through the browser window into the awesomeness that makes More than a Map more than just cool.

There’s a couple more great videos by Chris Broadfoot and Marcelo Camelo on the Places API which you should check out.

Getting started with the Google Places API

Q&A for Getting Started with the Google Places API

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team