Map of the Week:

[Editors Note: Last week we lauched to showcase the unique features of the Google Maps API. As part of this, each week we’ll be featuring one story from our global community of developers who are using the Google Maps API to start businesses, help improve their communities or save the environment.]

As part of, we went around the world to speak with developers who are using the Google Maps API. Sydney, Australia was our first stop, where we met with founder Ian Cumming at the Fishburners coworking space.

GetFlight is an Australian-based airfare search site that uses the Google Maps API to help users discover cheap airfare to global destinations. This site is tailored to Aussie travelers who don't have a particular location in mind and want to visualize where in the world they can travel within a certain price and date range. This ‘go anywhere’ exploratory travel site is something that’s really unique to the mindset of the Aussie travel. Another thing that really stands about GetFlight is that the entire site is built, operated, and maintained by Ian alone. It’s a true testament to the Australian entrepreneurial spirit.

The site takes advantage of Styled Maps and Google Maps API v3 to ensure that the site works on multiple devices. For GetFlight, it’s critical to their users’ experience that the site works as well on a tablet device as it does on a desktop. Using Styled Maps, Ian was able to create a more branded and simplified look for his application. There’s even the ability to view flight routes with geodesic lines which are more true to the actual flight paths. In the video below, Ian walks us through the ins and outs of his site and also shows us how the site works on multiple devices in real-time.

You may have noticed something a little peculiar next to Ian’s laptop in the video: an older model Dell Pentium 4 laptop. Ian uses this laptop to test and debug all his work. Ian’s philosophy is, “if I can make it work well on here [the older laptop], I know it’s going to be screaming fast there [his newer laptop and tablet].”

A big thanks to Ian Cumming, founder of, for inviting us into his office and sharing with us his latest project. To learn more about and the things that you can do with the Google Maps API, visit Tune in next week to read about our visit with Computerlogy in Bangkok, Thailand.