Time in current traffic has been a feature of Google Maps since March 2012. Today we are excited to announce this great feature for our Enterprise customers. Using both live and historic traffic data, the Google Maps API enables you to see the estimated length of time your journey might take. In areas where the information is available, this feature evaluates current traffic conditions and is constantly being refreshed with the most accurate, up-to-date estimate possible. 

If you are using the Directions API or the Directions Service in the Javascript Maps API, just make a simple change to your existing directions requests and the new data will be added to your response.

{ "routes" : [
 { "legs" : [
     "duration" : {
       "text" : "35 mins",
       "value" : 2093
     "duration_in_traffic" : {
       "text" : "46 mins",
       "value" : 2767

Not a Geo Enterprise customer? Contact Sales now to take advantage of this and other awesome features. 

Posted by Dilshan Angampitiya, Software Engineer, Google Geo APIs