Map of the Week: Epungo

[Editors Note: Last month we launched to showcase the unique features of the Google Maps API. As part of this project, each week we’ll be featuring one story from our global community of developers who are using the Google Maps API to start businesses, help improve their communities or save the environment.]

This week we cross the equator again, moving from Hamburg to São Paulo, where we meet with the founders of the Brazilian real estate start-up Epungo. Founded by Rodrigo Hanashiro and André Tannús, Epungo is a Google Maps API powered real estate search site that is attempting to make real estate search easy in one of the largest and most complicated cities in the world.

We met up with the founders at their office, which in true start-up fashion, is also André’s living room. In addition to being one of the most innovative Google Maps API sites based in Brazil, what’s really exciting is visiting with two entrepreneurs whose entire focus is on making the best Google Maps based experience for their users.

Epungo was founded when André realized most real estate search sites in Brazil focused on traditional text-based listing. Issues like variable neighborhood definitions, public transit complexities, and high urban density make it nearly impossible to search for real estate using addresses and descriptions alone. The Epungo solution to this problem is to concentrate all the search efforts on a map with a clean, well designed, and easy to use interface. To make search easier users have a several map tools to choose from, such as Drawing Tools functionality, custom colored coded icons, and embedded Street View.

According to the founders, one of the main reasons they chose to develop on the Google Maps API was that the coverage and comprehensiveness of Google’s road data, as well as satellite and Street View imagery in Brazil makes it possible for Epungo to reach markets that would otherwise be impossible.

In the video below, Epungo co-founders Rodrigo Hanashiro and André Tannús give us a live demonstration of their site.

Many thanks to the Epungo team for inviting us into their office (and home) and sharing with us their latest projects. To learn more about Epungo and the things that you can do with the Google Maps API, visit Tune in next week to read about our visit with Kekanto.