Author PhotoI’m at the Google office in Sydney, meeting with Engineers and attending the Geo for Good event. I love being in Sydney, it’s a great city. I got mixed up on the time zones, and realized that I was writing a post on Friday in Sydney but it’ll be published on Friday in California. I should have used the Google Time Zone API. Or, you know, Google Calendar.

This week I have a video for you, and some slides. First the video.

Last Friday, Paul Saxman did a Google Maps Developers Live session, Google Maps Developers Live: Ships, Polylines, Symbols, Oh My!, continuing from the previous session he had done with Brendan Kenny, Visualizing Data with the Google Maps API: A Journey of 245k Points.

Here’s the video:

On Tuesday, I presented at Geo for Good Down Under, a Google Earth Outreach event. My session was New Advanced Features of the Google Maps API, and I posted my slides and links to my demos.

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team