Map of the Week: #morethanamap Developer Stories Recap

Last month we launched to showcase the unique features of the Google Maps API. As part of this project, each week we’ve been featuring stories from our global community of developers who are using the Google Maps API to start businesses, help improve their communities or save the environment. We embarked on this journey with a simple thesis: that you could go anywhere any world and find innovative Google Maps API developers doing great things. Last week we ended our journey around the world in São Paulo and we would like to thank all of the developers who were kind enough to share their story with us. That’s why this week, we’re dedicating our “Map of the Week” to the six companies around the world who made this project great.

Moving forward
Now that you’ve had a chance to see how the Google Maps API is being used around the world, we hope that you’ve been inspired to create a Google Maps API powered project of your own. is a great place to start to see product demos, but we also have some other great resoruces for developers. Be sure to check our technical documentation at as well as our 3rd party developer showcase at You can also engage with the Google Maps API directly on Google+ and StackOverflow.

We’ve also created a short video about what makes great. In the video below, Luke Mahe, Chris Broadfoot, and Paul Saxman from the Google Maps API Developer Relations team walk us through the technology behind the demos on

Before we finish the last entry in the morethanamap blog series, we’d like to thank our featured developers again. We’re proud to share these stories because we recognize that one of the most important parts of the Google Maps API is the community of developers around the world who inspire other developers to do great things.

The Developers
  • Sydney, Australia - We met up with GetFlight founder Ian Cumming. GetFlight is airfare search site based that uses the Google Maps API to help users discover cheap airfare to great destinations.
  • Bangkok, Thailand - Co-founder of Computerlogy, Vachara Aemavat showed us the projects his team has built such as a store locator for Siam Commercial Bank and a viral maps app that helped people find high ground during the Thai flood seasons.
  • Nairobi, Kenya - Mark de Blois and Bernadette Ndege from Upande showed Virtual Kenya which is an online geospatial platform to visualize and share data about Kenya.
  • Hamburg, Germany - Ubilabs, a Google Maps focused development shop, showed us some projects they have built for Germany’s largest brands such as Deutsche Telekom,, and BMW.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil - Epungo founders André Tannús and Rodrigo Hanashiro gave us a tour of their real estate startup at their global headquarters (also known as André’s living room).
  • San Paulo, Brazil - We met with Kekanto co-founder, Allan Kajimoto. Kekanto is a popular ratings and recommendations startup based in Sao Paulo that serves all of Latin America.

Below you can view a brief recap of the our journey around the world with Google Maps API developers:

Many thanks again to all the developers for inviting us into their offices, homes, and workspaces and sharing their latest projects with us. Since the start of the Google Maps API, we’ve always been excited to see how people are using maps to make things better and we look forward to the next wave of innovation created by you.