Map of the Week: Cycling the Alps (web) (Android) (Chrome Web Store)

Why we like it: Cycling the Alps has it all: Street View, Earth View, a website, an Android app, a Chrome App, terrain, satellite and street maps. Let’s start with the web.
Using the Google Maps API V3, Cycling the Alps gives you a great view of the Alps and the passes you can use to cycle through it.
Click on a route, and you’re presented with a number of options:

Including different ways to explore it in Street Tour, 3D Tour, and elevation Profile.
If you select a Street Tour, it will present a series of Street View images along the route. You can select either direction that’s available.
The 3D Tour mode uses the Earth API to show you the route, as does Explore in 3D. In the Android app, it launches Google Earth with an intent that includes the KML tour:
The app also uses the new Google Maps Android API V2, giving it easy access to the most modern Google Maps, including the street maps, satellite imagery, and terrain:
There’s so much more to mention, and we can’t cover it all, but we can mention one last feature: the Profile view which uses the Elevation Service of the Maps API to show an elevation profile of the route:
In short, Cycling the Alps is a great way to see many of the possible uses of the Google Maps API in all its different forms.

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team