Today we’re happy to announce of an updated version of the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

This version of the SDK includes support for ground overlays, gesture control and geodesic polylines.  To get started, enable the Google Maps SDK for iOS service in the Google APIs Console alongside other Google APIs.

We’ve also included a new sample app to make it even easier to learn how to use Google maps in your app.  Here’s a video with Mano Marks and Paul Saxman demonstrating the capabilities of the Google Maps SDK for iOS 1.1 release.

We hope these updates will enable you to enhance your app with Google maps (or create some new ones!).  As always, keep sending us your feedback and ideas, as we continue to make improvements to the SDK based on ideas that you’ve suggested and starred. For additional support, head over to Stack Overflow with your technical questions or watch our Google Maps Developers Live shows for tips, tricks and news about using the Google Maps APIs.  

Posted by Andrew Foster, Senior Product Manager, Google Maps