In March 2010, we released the Geocoding API V3 web service, adding features such as a correctness measure and recommended viewports, to give developers more tools for creating amazing mapping applications. At that time, we also announced our intention to shut down V2 of the API in March 2013.

We’re hearing from many developers that they need more time for the transition to the Geocoding API V3. So, we’re extending the deprecation timeline for V2 by six months. This means the Geocoding API V2 will continue to work until September 8, 2013 and we will shut the API off on that date. If you’re a developer and have questions about migrating existing applications to Geocoding API V3, please see our handy upgrade guide for help.

Today we’re also reducing the limit on Geocoding API V2 from 15,000 requests per day to 2,500 requests per day, which is equivalent to the daily limit on the Geocoding API V3. If you are affected by this limit reduction and require more geocoding quota, please contact our sales team.

If you have questions about these changes, Google and the broader Google Maps developer community can help. Please tag your question with the “google-geocoding-api” tag on Stack Overflow.

Maps for Business customers will be unaffected by this change and will continue to be subject to their purchased limits.