It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since our first Geo Developer Day, which has since grown into a little event we now know as Google I/O. This year, we plan on bringing the best of Google Maps to every screen, including demos from the dashboard of a Mercedes-Benz to all seven screens of our latest Liquid Galaxy installation. Read on for a behind-the-map preview of the sessions, sandbox partners and events you won’t want to miss at Google I/O 2013.

Join us for Google Maps: Into the Future, where our Product Managers and Developer Advocates will take at look at the present and future of Google Maps on our three platforms, the JavaScript Maps API, Android API, and the iOS SDK. Don’t forget to check out the Maps session schedule for more live I/O Live sessions and mark your favorites. And remember, all sessions will be available on YouTube after Google I/O.

Developer Sandbox
The Developer Sandbox at Google I/O gives you a chance to check out demos from developers who have built applications based on Google technologies and products--here are our favorites from Google Maps.

The developers behind Mercedes-Benz’s Digital DriveStyle will be on hand to walk you through their latest integration of the Places API, using the Google Maps SDK for iOS. Did we mention that the demo takes place from behind the wheel of a 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550?

You can also take a look behind the lens of the Street View Trekker and SVII cameras, which have made their way from the peaks of Everest and the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, to join us at Google I/O--you can even take the Trekker backpack on a hike through the Grand Canyon. Navigate different areas using the Wii Street U™ powered by Google available on Nintendo’s Wii U™ console.

Our other two partners will let you get hands-on, quite literally, with our Geo APIs. Try flying through Google Earth with a Leap Motion controller. And get an early demo of Map Diving on Google Developers Live this Thursday, where Instrument’s developers will walk you through how they built it using multiple instances of Chrome mashed up with the Google Maps Javascript API v3, Web GL, 3D CSS, web sockets and node.js.

Office Hours
As always, the Google Maps engineering and developer relations teams will be on hand to meet with you for office hours at our Developer Sandbox on the second floor of Moscone West.  Stop by on any one of the three days and chat with one of the members of the team on a variety of topics, including new APIs and features, questions about our APIs in your apps, or simply to learn more about how our technology works.

On Thursday, May 16, our friends at GeoMeetup and O'Reilly are hosting an event in San Francisco. While the GeoMeetup is fully booked, we're stil taking applications for speakers at the Ignite sesssions.

I/O Live
For those of you joining us online, we’ll be bringing you highlights from the event on I/O Live. Look for the camera icon on the session schedule and follow us at +Google Maps API, where we’ll let you know when to tune in for a tour of the Maps Sandbox. In the meantime, we’ll look forward to seeing you on Google Developers Live this Thursday for a demo of Map Diving!