Map of the Week: ShotHotspot

Why we like it: ShotHotspot plots geotagged photos from around the web onto the Google Maps JavaScript API. Drawing on sites such as Panoramio and Flickr, it allows users to search and find good places to take photos.

Users start with a Places Autocomplete powered search.

Once you select an area ShotHotspot shows you a map of that area, and where all the pictures were taken. It uses the MarkerClusterer and InfoBox utility libraries to organize the information.

Once you are there, you can use drawing tools to create your own custom search area.

And when you zoom to the area you want to visit, you can get directions to the location you’ve selected. Notice too they use the Static Maps API to display thumbnails.

This is a great resource for finding places to take pictures.

Posted by Mano Marks, Maps Developer Relations Team